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Building A Skin Care Regimen For Combination Skin

Of late, have you sensed that some parts of your skin are oily while others are parched? Seeing these inconsistencies, makes you wonder if such clouds on the horizon are something pretty serious. Well, you need to relax as getting over these hassles is a piece of cake.

To enlighten you more; you likely have combination skin. It may seem like a puzzle resolving two forms of the epidermis; however, unlocking this mystery is rather easy than you might think. Getting the required balance can be accomplished by implementing a routine that entails a fair and square set of products. Along with it, these tips from our aficionados will surely help. Keep reading!

But first, what causes combination skin?

There may be several factors that can be held accountable for combination skin. Of all of them, genetics-what you inherited from your parents can be one of them. Additionally, the fly-by-night skincare products make matters even worse and can play a deterrent in letting you achieve a flawless epidermis.

Therefore, it is imperative to ditching employing topicals that are subsumed with harsh or skin-aggravating ingredients. The downside of plying them is that they wither some parts of the complexion while promoting oil production in the other areas.

That said; even by maneuvering the correct products you may experience some amount of lubricating skin, but at least you won’t have to endure a dry, rough complexion below excess oil. Hence, take the plunge of employing the right set of topicals to get your epidermis a million-dollar smile.

Which products work for combination skin?

Typically, you need to divide and take care of the distinct zones of the skin differently. This essentially means; separate topicals for regions that are shriveled and discrete for the oily ones.

To delve deeper; the so-called oil sucking up ingredients that may amazingly well on the oily regions actually create havoc on the drier spheres of the epidermis! Hence, you will indispensably need to apply a more emollient moisturizer over the dehydrated portions. If you don’t take a rain check in restricting yourself from the application all over the face, the oily areas may become further oilier. So, the conclusion is: keeping things separate is paramount.

Ahead, check out some of the helpful tips from our maestros that will abet to keep combination skin at bay.
1. Make use of a gentle facial cleanser

If your skin is sitting ducks that ditches employing certain ingredients, it becomes vulnerable to several maladies. Wondering how? Well, when you dash out of your households, the epidermis surface gets covered with dirt and other impurities, if it isn’t shielded. Consequently, the need of the hour is to get rid of these unwanted particles that have intruded on the complexion. Wielding a gentle face cleanser would serve the purpose of mattifying your oily T-zone without desiccating the cheeks and under-eye areas. Alongside, ensure that the topical doesn’t entail skin-irking materials.

For best results, the following cleanser from St. Botanica can do a world of good!

We Recommend: Vitamin C Whitening Face Wash

Do you feel your skin is dry in some areas and oily in other parts? If yes! You have a combination skin type. To have a flawless tone simply choose the right products with some simple rituals that include cleansing, treating, and moisturizing the complexion. So for deep cleaning of the epidermis choose St.Botanica Vitamin C Whitening Face Wash; the exceptional cleanser is made with hand-picked active botanicals derived from Mother Nature such as antioxidant powerhouse Vitamin C – known for its skin lightening benefits also safeguards the complexion from harmful environmental aggressors like UVA/UVB rays, car fumes, and impurities.

Moreover, the formula is packed with super hydrating ingredient Glycerin to proffer hefty moisturization along with averting the moisture loss that keeps the texture supple and soft. Furthermore, three natural extracts are also infused in the optimal face wash to triple-duty the effects which are lemon peel “˜banish stubborn pigmentation’, turmeric “˜abet in reducing acne scar along with boosting natural glow’, and Neem “˜effectively finish off acne-causing microbes’.

Also, the plush formula has the world’s most precious spice Kashmiri saffron- it aids the skin to recover from environmental aggressors while brightening up the complexion. Plus the carotenoids in saffron are renowned for mending the external damage thus abets in reducing oxidative stress on the epidermis giving a youthful and sag-free texture.

That said the product does not include any harmful additives such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, and silicone- an ideal and safe pick for combination skin. Besides this it is also free of animal cruelty instead concocted with pure and organic substances only ““ it is vegan! Cruelty-free face wash for green beauty enthusiasts. Incorporate this gentle formula in the beauty armory to have a smooth and clear glass-like complexion.

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How This Cleanser Is The Right Product For Combination Skin?

The face wash is made with pure botanicals extracts which not only effectively removes stubborn makeup traces and grime from the deeper layers of the skin but also maintains the natural PH balance. The formula pulls out the gunk and congested debris from the pores making the texture velvety-soft and smooth without leaving tightness and dryness on any area of the face.

How To Use?

First, wet your face with lukewarm water and then push the nozzle of the container to take out the small amount from the bottle. With fingertips and gentle circulation, clean the surface for a few minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water properly and pat dry to feel the difference. Now seal the moisture by using a good moisturizer.

Debunk Myth: Hot water will not open pores and cold water will not close the pores. Use lukewarm water to get the best out of your skincare product as extreme water temperature can lead to redness and inflammation.

2. Exfoliate with a light scrub

When you own a combination skin, a light scrub that works on all skin types should be your ideal choice. The assiduous use of this topical not only will assist in removing dirt and other impurities from the surface of the epidermis but also will shrink the appearance of the pores, making them look tighter and less prominent. However, as they say: moderation is the key. On that account, you should never consider over-exfoliating as it may be jarring for the skin.

We Recommend: 24k Gold Face Scrub

For combination skin, the wrong products which contain harsh chemicals or irritants can actually worsen the skin problems. However, the best-fitted solution is to opt for products that gradually can improve the skin without making it dry or oily. The ultimate product which works for combination skin is a gentle exfoliant check out St.Botanica 24k Gold Face Scrub; the plush scrub is made with premium ingredients to unclog congested pores and boost instant radiance into the skin. The core substance in the jar is an expensive metal i.e. 24k gold ““ it amplifies collagen production, increases elasticity, and ameliorates blood circulation proffering a youthful, firm, and luminous complexion.

Additionally, to combat premature aging the formula is infused with anti-aging ingredients such as Hydrolyzed collagen alias collagen peptides ““ it has hydrophobic amino acids which safeguard the skin from UV damage along with retaining skin’s natural elasticity. Plus potent age-defying retinol smoothes out the visible wrinkles and fine lines on the surface along with averting future aging signs due to its cell turnover properties.

Furthermore, the luxe product has skin-loving oils to powerfully treat dryness like Moroccan Argan oil “˜deeply hydrates the parched tone especially the temple and cheek areas’, Jojoba oil “˜to control the sebum production and unclog the congested pores’. Moreover, Hyaluronic acid in the formula is added to speed up the repair process while creating an instant plump effect on the skin. Also, the punch of vitamins added in the formula is vitamin B3 to shrink the enlarged pores on the top-most layer of the dermis and vitamin C to lighten the blotchiness and hyperpigmentation signs for a clearer and smoother complexion.

Besides this the jar also contains botanical wonder Gotu Kola which has tightening benefits more than vitamin C ““ it firms the saggy texture while stimulating collagen production for younger and rejuvenated texture. On top of this, the optimal potion has robust polyphenols which soothe, heal, and repair the mangled skin barrier.

What’s more- no harmful additives are added to the scrub namely- parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, and silicone. Added bonus ““ the product is free of animal derivatives it is a vegan and cruelty-free product proudly made in India. Level up your skincare game with this dermatologist-tested and recommend the product to have a spotless, smoother, and shinier tone!

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3. Apply a moisturizer

Moisturizers, which steer clear of oil are the icing on the cake for combination skin. This is because; such topicals won’t add further fuel to the fire by adding additional slickness to the already T-zone areas.

We recommend: Vitamin C Age Defying Skin Clearing Moisturizer

Myriad’s skin issues are common in combination skin type from tackling the parched tone at one area to super oily T-zone. With an optimal moisturizer in the regimen, the half battle is won for the combination skin as they require a moisturizer that is hydrating yet non-oily. Look no further! Try out St.Botanica Vitamin C Age Defying Skin Clearing Moisturizer; the super lightweight formula is made with some potent ingredients that work gently, deeply hydrates, and non-greasy at the same time. The heart of the product is Vitamin C ““ a powerhouse antioxidant ingredient that not only safeguards the skin from UV damage but also lightens the brown spots.

Additionally, vitamin B5 strengthens the skin’s natural barrier while vitamin E deeply hydrates the desert-like complexion providing a soft, smooth, and nourished tone. Moreover, quench the thirsty epidermis with a tall glass of water all thanks to the inclusion of Hyaluronic acid, the dermis will feel refreshed and hydrating. That said, oil-free moisturizers also contain active botanicals like Lemon extract for brightening the tone, Licorice extract for minimizing the enlarged pores, and Aloe Vera for feeding the surface with much-needed nutrients.

After using the moisturizer regularly your skin will say thank you ““ it will feel clear, refined, and healthy without exacerbating the greasy shiny look. Bonus: the ultimate product is made without parabens, sulfates, silicone, mineral oils, and phthalates as all these harsh chemicals can lead to irritation and inflammation on the skin. With that said the product is also free of animal derivative ““ it is a cruelty-free and vegan formula for sustainable beauty followers. Inculcate the game-changer moisturizer in skincare vanity for a plump, bouncy, and balanced complexion.

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4. Keep your hands distant from your face

For people, who are fond of touching their face areas frequently, it is vital to get them aware of this reality; your hands carry a lot of dirt and other external aggressors that may end up clogging the pores. So, the ultimate practice is: try to limit making contact with your complexion, and slowly you’ll become accustomed to it.

5. Make use of blotting papers

If you aren’t well-versed with the term, allow us to throw light.

Typically, a blotting paper is made up of highly absorbent materials that can draw the liquid content from the surface on which it is used. So, if you’re dealing with excess shine, these papers can be your utmost pick as they can be easily stored in your handbags. The moment you feel something greasy, a blotting paper is your savior during such times.

6. Sunscreen is a must

The inimical UV rays from the sun can speed up the process of aging. If you want to put a halt to the symptoms, follow a regime that entails sunscreen.

7. Rely on the power of face mask

Multi-masking is an exceptional method to treat combination skin. Such products are up for grabs for serving different purposes. For example-you may ply a face mask on the oily domains to extract excessive oil. Similarly, a separate mask meant to be efficacious on the dry zones can provide the necessary dampness to get you over the witheredness.

To wrap up

If you are diligent in your approach to implementing the above tips and products in your schedule, you’ll likely be able to get over the problem of combination skin rather quickly. Also, for snapping up high-quality cosmetic products at the convenience of your homes, simply visit the website https://stbotanica.in/.

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