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Benefits Of Using Tea Tree Oil In Your Hair

Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil for Hair

If you have been using Tea Tree Oil for skin care for some time now, you wouldn’t be surprised to know it is one gem of an ingredient for hair care too.

Yes, you read it right!

Tea Tree Oil for hair is nothing short of divine. Using hair care products with tea tree oil as an active ingredient can solve many hair problems such as dandruff, oily scalp, infections, lice, and even hair fall to a certain extent. Read along to discover more about the Tea Tree Oil benefits for hair.

What Is Tea Tree Oil For Hair?

Tea tree oil is derived from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant. It can help with skin infections, dandruff, and dry hair. It’s also known to help clean the hair and strengthen it.

Tea Tree Oil Benefits For Hair

Tea Tree Oil Benefits for Hair

Tea Tree Oil is one of the most popular essential oils among beauty lovers. No wonder! It has tremendous hair benefits to offer with its scientifically backed antimicrobial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Here’s the list of Tea Tree Oil benefits for hair making it one of the most widely used essential oils:

1) Treat Scalp Infections

Tea Tree Oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which make it a home remedy for itchy scalp, soothe inflammation, and alleviate the redness accompanied by different scalp conditions

2) Supports Hair Growth

Tea Tree Oil is not directly associated with hair growth. But it nurtures the scalp health and hair follicles by keeping your scalp free from infections, different types of dandruff, and excessive scalp oil. It is resilient to harmful effects of environmental pollutants, keeping your head squeaky clean to catalyse your hair growth.

3) Removes Head Lice

One of the exceptional benefits of Tea Tree Oil for hair is that it helps curb the replication of lice in your head and eventually removes it all. With effective results, dermatologists consider it an effective natural delousing treatment for hair.

4) Fights Dandruff & White Flakes

Tea Tree Oil’s antibacterial and antifungal properties can help you remove dandruff, and treat scalp itchiness and irritation. It has potent antioxidant properties that can help you on how to repair hair damage and is also great for preventing white flakes.

5) Regulates Scalp Oil Production

Tea Tree Oil has the natural tendency to regulate sebum production in the head preventing greasy scalp and hair that attracts bacteria and dirt. It is a natural treatment to reduce the overproduction of scalp oil, therefore, fostering general scalp health.

Tea Tree Oil Uses for Hair

For most major hair problems, Tea Tree Oil for hair comes in handy. Tea Tree Oil is an active ingredient and is high in concentration, and hence it is important to use it in diluted form with shampoo, hair mask, or hair oil. Nevertheless, you need to do so and if you’re ready to make your haircare debut with Tea Tree Oil, here are some of the incredible Tea Tree Oil uses for hair that will make your life easy:

1) Tea Tree Oil for Scalp Treatment

You can use Tea Tree Oil in your shampoo to avoid scalp irritation and infections. Simply rub a few drops of Tea Tree Oil into your palms and use your normal shampoo to wash your hair. Lather your hair and leave it on for a few minutes and wash hair with cold water. Use it every time you shampoo your hair for noticeable results.

2) Tea Tree Oil for Lice

Adding Tea Tree Oil is one of your carrier hair oils like Almond Oil or Coconut Oil works as a delousing treatment to remove all the lice from your head over time. Mix 2-4 drops of Tea Tree Oil into hair strengthening oil and massage it into your scalp and wash it after 30 minutes. Repeat the process 2 times a week to remove the lice.

3) Tea Tree Oil for Dandruff

Tea Tree Oil is very effective in dandruff treatment. All you have to do is, add 3-5 drops of Tea Tree Oil for hair in your hair mask. This mixture is used for deep conditioning hair at home to cure scalp dryness, and itchiness and help diminish dandruff eventually. 

4) Tea Tree for Hair Growth

Instead of using Tea Tree Oil in diluted form,  hair care products that contain Tea Tree Oil does wonders for you. The scientifically natural formulation of products infused with Tea Tree Oil provides optimal benefits to nurture overall scalp health and helps on how to grow hair faster.

Is Tea Tree Oil Good for Hair Growth?

Yes, Tea Tree is great for hair growth. It may not be directly associated to stimulate hair growth, but it protects your scalp against infections, fungal effects, and inflammation that impede the process of hair growth. 

Tea Tree Oil Blends For Hair Growth

Mixing Tea Tree Oil with carrier oils is the best way to ensure hair growth.

Here are some amazing Tea Tree Oil blends that will nourish your scalp and strands.

1- Tea Tree Oil & Olive Oil

This blend is suitable for all hair types. It hydrates your hair without making it greasy. It not only promotes hair growth but also prevents frizz. Olive Oil benefits hair by nourishing them while Tea Tree Oil nourishes the scalp.

2- Tea Tree Oil & Jojoba Oil For Hair Growth

Jojoba Oil is very similar to sebum produced by the scalp. Using Jojoba Oil along with Tea Tree Oil can soothe your scalp and heal your strands. It can also promote hair growth and stop hair fall.

3- Tea Tree Oil & Castor Oil

Castor Oil benefits hair by acting as the ultimate remedy for hair growth. Combined with Tea Tree Oil, it can protect your hair like a pro. Together these oils can prevent dandruff and promote healthy hair. 

4- Tea Tree Oil & Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil benefits hair as it has the power to penetrate deep into your strands and nourish it. Along with Tea Tree Oil, it can help repair damage and combat frizz. Regular usage can strengthen your strands and ensure hair growth.

Precautions with Tea Tree Oil for Hair

Tea Tree Oil is a plant-based extract with miraculous anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties. There are no risks involved in using Tea Tree Oil for hair.  However, dermatologists always advise using it in a diluted form with your favourite hair care products and also do a patch test before using it all over. If there are any signs of irritation or reactions within 24 hours, stop using it and consult your hair expert. 

St.Botanica Recommended Tea Tree Oil Infused Hair Care Products

If you want to avoid the fuss of mixing products and like to keep it simple, St.Botanica brings you a wide range of hair care products infused with the richness of Tea Tree Oil.

Here’s the list of products for you:

St.Botanica Recommended Australian Tea Tree Hair Shampoo, 300ml

St.Botanica’s Australian Tea Tree Shampoo is formulated with Tea Tree Oil and other botanical ingredients to rejuvenate your scalp and hair while keeping it hydrated and moisturised. The Tea Tree Oil present in it is an effective ingredient to cleanse the scalp of dirt and excess oil, helps maintain the pH balance of your hair and further reduces dandruff and itchiness. The soothing ingredients of this shampoo for hair fall strengthen your follicles and prevents hair breakage and damage.

St.Botanica Recommended Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Oil Hair Repair Shampoo, 300ml


St.Botanica’s Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil Hair Shampoo primarily targets the scalp and works towards minimising dryness and itching, while assisting in the reduction of dandruff formation and flakiness. Tea Tree Oil present in the shampoo reduces the overgrowth of microbes that trigger excessive shedding of the dead skin and hence prevents hair fall. Regular use of this Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Shampoo is best for sensitive scalp and helps in controlling excessive hair fall too.

St.Botanica Recommended Australian Tea Tree Hair Conditioner, 300ml


St.Botanica Australian Tea Tree Conditioner is packed with enriching ingredients that will help restore the lost moisture into your strands and further prevent frizz and flyaways. The goodness of Tea Tree Oil prevents dry and itchy scalp conditions giving you a healthier mane.

St.Botanica Recommended Go Anti-Dandruff Hair Conditioner 200ml


St.Botanica Anti Dandruff Hair Conditioner will surely help you achieve a dandruff-free mane. It contains several natural ingredients along with Tea Tree Oil which helps prevent the build-up of dead cells on your scalp and strands. It also supports the prevention of dandruff. This anti dandruff conditioner helps soothe your hair strands while giving them a healthy and lustrous appearance.

St.Botanica Recommended Australian Tea Tree Hair Mask, 200ml

St.Botanica’s Australian Tea Tree Hair Mask helps prevent hair damage resulting from environmental stressors. Formulated with Tea Tree Oil as the main ingredient, this hair mask helps stimulate blood circulation on the scalp and accelerates hair growth without irritating your scalp. This hair growth mask is ideal to help you attain a stronger and visibly healthier mane.


Tea Tree Oil for hair thoroughly cleanses the scalp and gets rid of the residual dirt and dead cells. The effective clarifying and anti-bacterial property of Tea Tree Oil makes it a superstar among all the other essential oils.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore our bundle of Tea Tree Oil hair care range to flaunt the hair of your dreams!

FAQs About Tea Tree Oil Benefits For Hair

Can I apply Tea Tree Oil without any carrier oil or shampoo?

It’s best to add 2-3 drops of Tea Tree Oil to your oils and shampoos. 

For how much time can I leave tea tree oil on my scalp?

Try leaving Tea Tree Oil for at least a few hours. You can also leave it overnight.

How does one mix Tea Tree Oil with shampoo?

After you have pumped out the shampoo you require to wash your hair, add 1-2 drops of Tea Tree Oil to the product and mix it with your finger. Shampoo as usual.

Does tea tree oil have any side effects?

No, Tea Tree Oil doesn’t really have any side effects. But it is important that you never apply it directly to your hair. Always dilute it using other products of your choice.

Can tea tree oil cause an itchy scalp?

No, in fact Tea Tree oil has antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties to cure itchy scalp.

Does tea tree oil help with dandruff?

Yes, Tea Tree has antifungal properties to take care of your scalp health that aid in curing dandruff, white flakes and scalp infections.

Does tea tree oil treat hair lice?

Yes, Tea Tree oil when mixed with other carrier hair growth oils works as delousing treatment to fight lice on the head.

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