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Here Are Some Dermatologist Recommended Tips for Covetable Sparkle!!!

“Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle”

Ask any women on this planet their one major beauty goal ““ most of them will say – naturally glowing skin. And, this objective would be on top in their skincare game. However, the endless gleamy tone is a god gift for some but the rest requires investing time, love, and stoicism for the same. Moreover, this fast-moving world has also contributed to robbing the skin its natural shine such as lack of beauty sleep, too much work stress, eating convinced food, and of course graceful aging! So, if glimmer-shimmer is on your vanity list ““ brew a cup of Joe and read the space.

Let’s talk about some expert tips and products recommended by the renowned dermatologist to transform your somber, tiresome complexion into radiant and luminescent. Fasten the seat belt to hop on the bandwagon of dewy skin!

Regular Cleansing

No matter whether your skin is dry textured, oily, sensitive, or a combination of both ““ to unlock the ‘natural glow’ key is cleansing. Just like clearing the “face canvas” by washing away the day-long collected debris, dirt, impurities, and pollution particles as they can are the major cause of clogged pores and dullness. Follow this pivotal step religiously in the morning and at night. However, the one with dry and erratic skin type may fret that washing twice a day may strip off the natural oil from the dermis.

So, it’s suggested to swap your chemically infused face wash with natural one to keep intact the sebum production. Try out St.Botanica Pomegranate Radiant Glow Skin Balancing Face Wash for deep cleansing. The plush face wash is enriched with skincare wonder “˜Pomegranate oil’ ““ a terrifying warrior in combating free radicals attacks as well as its anti-inflammatory properties abet in calming the burning tone. The punch of active botanicals in the product is- soothing “˜Aloe vera’, natural astringent “˜Green tea’, and organic bleaching agent “˜lemon essential oil’ perfectly mingled to invigorate fatigue and dull skin. Moreover, the cruelty-free product also contains natural “˜Turmeric’ ““ a potent substance known for reducing scar, acne, and blemishes without annoying the dermis. Plus, antioxidant-rich vitamin C and E gently wipe off pollutants build-up, dirt, and grime from the skin alongside unclogging the congested pores for a dewy and fresh look. User reviews that this face wash doesn’t disturb the natural Ph balance of the skin rather offer long-lasting hydration.

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Daily SPF

Yes! We know “Wear SPF daily” is something you have heard million times but undoubtedly for healthy, glowing skin, this is a not-to-miss step in skincare. As per leading dermatologist sun exposure is the primary reason for early aging, wrinkles, and fine lines. So, a high-quality broad-spectrum SPF is required to protect the epidermis from baneful UV rays damage. Irrespective it’s cloudy, shady, grey, or you’re indoors ““ don’t forget to apply and reapply the sunblock. Additionally, do look for the formula your SPF offers i.e. defending the dermis from UVA (cause premature aging) and UVB (cause skin cancer). Check out St.Botanica Vitamin C SPF 30 PA Sunscreen Mineral Based Water Resistant an umbrella for the skin ““ safeguarding it from scorching heat waves as well fighting early signs of aging and sagging. The potent sunblock is Holy Grail for beauty aficionado as it is enriched with powerful vitamins C and E ““ work together in lightening, brightening, and hydrating the skin. Along with essential oil such as Borage Cold pressed and Lemon peel essential oil which deeply nourishes the parched epidermis and offers instant gleam. Moreover, the botanical infusion of natural extracts like Licorice, Saffron, and Sandalwood succor in soothing the temperamental tone while lightening the stubborn dark pigmentation. Plus, it also assists in regulating melanin production. The potent lotion is free of harmful toxins like sulphates, phthalates, mineral oils, and silicones ““ thus, it’s safe for all skin types. So, if you’re scouting for a sunscreen that is water-resistant, non-greasy, and natural then we have got your covered!

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Infuse Hyaluronic Acid

Is your skin look like Sahara deserts ““ dry, dull, and dreary? It’s time to get prolong hydration and shine with serums and moisturizers that are loaded with the goodness of Hyaluronic acid. Also abbreviated as HA is known as super hydrator which can hold up to 100 times of molecular weight in water ““ indicates every layer of skin will be drenched with moisture. A serum formulated with HA will ensure your skin is always plumper and dewier. Try out St.Botanica Vitamin C Facial Serum, a game-changing serum formulated with some of the most powerful substances such as Vitamin C “˜help in boosting elasticity’, Vitamin E “˜provides intense nourishment’, and Hyaluronic Acid “˜penetrates H20 deep into the skin’. A perfect cocktail of naturally extracted botanicals ““ Witch hazel, Aloe Vera, and Green tea extract work together in keeping the dermis hydrated, supple, and soft all day long. Just a few drops of this heavenly serum on a clean face is enough for instant radiance.

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Eat Your Veggies

For an everlasting glowing complexion eat up the right food that will feed the skin with nutrients and nourishment and abet in keeping the epidermis soft, supple, and younger. Add fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins which will safeguard the skin from free radicals. Moreover, the primary reason for aging and wrinkles is – excessive sun exposure, pollutions, dirt, and free-radicals. So, it’s strongly recommended to include a rainbow of colorful veggies and fruits such as pumpkin, kale, spinach, oranges, pomegranates, strawberries, and mushrooms. Pile these complexions boosting food on your plate for an everlasting glow and shine!

Instill Vitamin C

Dermatologist’s favorite brightening and lightening ingredient is “˜vitamin C’ undoubtedly. And, it is a vitamin that isn’t produced by the body itself this means the only way to have this is either adding up in diet or applying topically. As per a recent study applying vitamin C topically on the skin has shown improvement in dark spots, wrinkles, and discoloration. A perfect way to begin the vitamin C journey is by inculcating Vitamin C infused cream. Check out St.Botanica Vitamin C Skin Brightening Body Lotion, the plush cream is formulated potent ingredients such as Vitamin C “˜boost elasticity’, Vitamin E “˜intense hydration’ and Hyaluronic Acid “˜sealing moisture’ into the skin. The buttery texture of the lotion is due to the powerful softener ‘Shea Butter’. Additionally, the product has skin loving oils i.e. Wheatgerm and Calendula essential ““ the dynamic duo work together in offering regeneration of the cells and reducing inflammation, respectively. Plus, the botanical star ingredient “˜Licorice extract’ succor in lightening the skin. This innovative formulate provides luminous skin and a huge dose of moisture. Bonus: The product is vegan and cruelty-free with no harsh chemical infused in it. Level up your skincare game with this optimal vitamin C enriched body lotion.

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Drink H2O

Our skin is an organ. And, it is the largest organ mostly made up of water. So, if it’s not hydrated properly then some of the most common concerns can occur such as dry, dreary, dull, and flaky tone. Plus, parched skin is prone to aging. Therefore, a more hydrated complexion implies fewer wrinkles and fine lines. Additionally, an adequate amount of H20 helps to flush out harmful toxins from the body that cause blemishes and inflammation. Moreover, it also abets in transferring oxygen and nourishment to skin cells and prevent all signs of aging. As per Derms, the recommended intake is eight glasses of water each day. Thus, we can say this is a non-negotiable tip for everyone!

Regular Cleaning Of Brushes

Washing makeup brushes may feel like a chore but it is a must activity for healthy glowing skin. Brush accumulates tons of dirt, grime, bacteria, and oil- this can lead to clogged pores, breakouts, acne, and dull skin. It’s highly suggested to clean foundation brushes once a week and lose powered brushes every three weeks. To clean brushes all you need is ““ few drops of natural shampoo in a bowl and mix water in it then leave your brushes soaked in for few minutes. Now rinse them off with lukewarm water and let them air dry. So, for better, beautiful, and supple skin this is a not-to-be-miss step in your skincare ritual.

Use Serums for Stress-out Skin

A new mandate for beauty fanatics is: Use a serum. If you are familiar with this beauty buzzword or new to this concept- fret not! We have got you covered. Serums are different from cream and moisturizers- they are formulated with highly concentrated active ingredients and loaded with a high moisturizing substance such as Hyaluronic acids and ceramides. Additionally, unlike creams, the amount of serum required for visible results is in small quantity i.e. few drops. Plus, they penetrate deep into the skin and fight against free radicals damage. Try out St.Botanica Vitamin C Facial Serum, chock full of antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E ““ the dynamic duo work together in maintaining the natural skin elasticity while offering the intense hydration to the epidermis, respectively. The punch of Mother Nature powerhouse substances like Witch hazel, Aloe vera, Green extract ““ helps in keeping the skin natural ph balance for “˜healthy’ texture, fortifying the skin with nutrients for “˜luminous’ tone, and reducing the natural elasticity loss for “˜ Younger-looking’ complexion. This 100% natural and vegan product is also infused with stellar Hyaluronic Acid which seals the moisture deep into the epidermis for smoother and supple skin. The serum is specially formulated for women of all age groups with myriads of skin concerns like dull and lifeless skin or wrinkles and fine lines- it has got covered for everything. What’s more? The product is free from any strident chemicals ““ sulphates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, or silicones. If you’re looking for a multipurpose serum that can target acne, blackheads, blotchiness, redness, or premature aging- this one is for you!

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