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Is Exfoliation Needed For Smooth And Glowing Skin?

“Your Skin Absorbs 64% Of What You Put On It” Whether you want that dazzling, glowing, radiant complexion, there are enough reasons that exfoliating is a must. It’s a process of sloughing away the dead skin cells with either using chemicals or some exfoliating tools. Natural shedding of dead cells takes place every 30 days but in some cases, the dead skin doesn’t shed thoroughly. And, the outcome is parched, clogged pores, and flaky complexion. An optimum exfoliation process can impede can this. However, it’s paramount to use the appropriate methods and right ingredients for impeccable skin health. Through this blog, we shall find out why you should incorporate this step into your skincare regimen so that you will be able to know how to get glowing skin.

Exfoliation and its Need For Glowing Skin

As you may be aware that our skin gets stuffed with dead skin cells, that are required to be sloughed away in time. Per experts these foreign substances should not linger on the cutis for long-which is ideal for healthy hygiene. Otherwise speaking, these conditions can amplify the growth of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven pigmentation engendering to a dull complexion. Perhaps, no one would appreciate such a skin that can significantly bring down your morale. Exfoliation is the method of getting rid of the dead cells that can dominate the surface of the skin. It can be processed in two ways: Chemical or physical. Selecting the one from these two may primarily depend on the skin type, but the highly profitable rewards they offer and you will surely want to imply in your routine.

What leads to dead skin cells?

When we age, the percentage of skin cell decrease, meaning our body takes a prolonged time to discard skin cells than generating new ones. And, according to a study, it almost takes 40-60 days for skin cells to make in older adults, while it is nearly 28 days for younger individuals, and considering babies it’s close to 14. What’s more, the protein collagen that has a pivotal role in delivering hydration and elasticity-its production is reduced significantly with age. As a result, what transpires out is a progressively thinning and weakened skin. Luckily, exfoliation abets in reversing such conditions, as it is restorative in cell turnover, leaving with a more polished and radiant skin complexion. Put simply, discarding dead cells, dirt, grime, makeup leftover evens the skin tone and renders a shining, staggering, impressive looks. That’s why, it is imperative more than ever, that you consider the exfoliation formula in your daily plan.

Physical Exfoliation

Also tagged as manual, in physical exfoliation are products that entail the use of certain rough materials such as grains, ground nuts-as an example and devices such as cleansing brushes. You need to simply rub these particles on the cutis, to buff away the layer of dead cells. The outcome is “˜smooth’, “˜soft’, and “˜glowing’ skin. Having sensitive skin and wondering would these physical exfoliates work for you? Generally speaking, these are gentle and safe, so you’re highly likely to tolerate it without any unwanted reaction.

Chemical Exfoliation

It is self explanatory-chemical exfoliation that makes use of chemicals to remove dead cells and other impurities from the skin. Typically, these exfoliators work to break the bonds between the skin cells, so they are loosened to be easily whisked off. However, it may sound frightening to use “˜chemical’ on the skin but actually, AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and BHA (beta hydroxy acid) exfoliate deep into the dermis with being extremely gentle on the skin. As per research, periodic use of lactic and glycolic acid (AHAs) can result in remarkable skin amelioration and restoration. It’s quite possible that the facial cleansers you use may also contain chemical exfoliators. So, go through the bottle labeling to check for the presence of these exfoliators. Indeed, if you employ such a cleanser, its best to leave it for at least 30 seconds to a minute so that the exfoliating ingredients can work. If you’re someone who aims to minimize the signs of aging, get a chemical exfoliator to your kitty today. These are simple to use and deliver a uniform exfoliation throughout the skin. Intrigued? Try exfoliators from St. Botanica!

Colombian Supremo Coffee Body Scrub

Take your bathing experience to the next level with St.Botanica Colombian Supremo Coffee Body Scrub, which is packed with scented Colombian coffee seed powder to gently exfoliate, clean, and hydrate the rough skin. This scrub is specially crafted to cater to all skin concerns from cellulite to dark spots and wrinkles to stretch marks. Moreover, if Coffee is for ultimate exfoliation then glycerin and Aloe Vera are there to boost the extra shot of moisture to the skin. The product is also enriched with Cocoa butter for “˜lubricating parched skin’, Caffeine for “˜uplifting blood circulation’, and vitamin B3 for “˜diminishing stubborn brown spots’. It’s natural, cruelty-free, and vegan so it carries a safety profile for all skin types. Plus, there are no added fragrances and dyes making it one-stop-solution scrub for sensitive skin. Additionally, this gentle formula can be used daily. After its use, all you have is shinier, softer, and younger-looking skin. Sale Is On- Shop Now!

How often is Exfoliating recommended?

Well, the answer to this million-dollar question as per experts is: You should be exfoliating your face two to three times a week. Perhaps, you may have even heard some insisting to do it only once, but most dermatologists say that it’s not enough, as our skin loses almost 50 million skin cells a day. A schedule that includes exfoliation from a couple to thrice-works the best way to give those youthful looks. That said, whatever form out of physical or chemical you choose-a frequent or harsh scrubbing, scrapping, or peeling can irritate the cutis. This can result in redness, breakouts, flakiness, roughness, and other signs of aging.

You should never over-Exfoliate

While exfoliating can do wonders, some have the knack of over-exfoliating. Believe it! This is can have serious repercussions on the skin. But, how will you know you have that? Well, apart from irritation, feeling of soreness, and redness on your complexion you may encounter the below-mentioned symptoms!

Overly shiny skin

When you over-exfoliate your face, this can remove too much of the surface layer of the skin. What appears out is a weird sheen on the nose, cheeks, and forehead is a very dry and exposed cutis.

Swelling or puffiness

This is probably one of the mundane symptoms when overdoing exfoliation. The ingredients of exfoliator penetrate deeply that can detriment the lipid barrier leaving behind a rosy, puffy, or a swollen complexion. To make matter worse, when the inside layer is exposed to the elements; it becomes prone to sudden inflammation.

Acne breakout

Inflammation can further escalate to acne breakouts. Yes, it’s just the opposite that you wanted to achieve through exfoliation.

Tightness of skin

Over exfoliation and scrubbing can make your skin feel unexpectedly tight. Collagen and elastin are the two proteins that maintain flexibility and elasticity into the skin. So, with excessive exfoliation elastin and collagen may get remove which can result in skin tightness. “˜Less is more’ when you’re inculcating exfoliation into your daily regimen. Do scrubbing- Be Happy, Amigos!To Explore More Products in the Coffee Range, Click Here: Also, Don’t Forget to check out our Best Sellers!


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