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Benefits Of Green Apples: It’s Time for Some Fruity Rich Antioxidants for Extra Hydration and Luminosity

Green Apple Benefits For Skin, Hair & Health

“Keep Calm and Eats Lots of Fruits” You must be aware of this popular saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, which holds true even for green apples. Most of the times, this fruit is entitled with the words-exotic and tremendous, that the Mother Nature has endowed us with. Since it has oodles of nutrients and vitamins, these are pivotally recommended by aficionados and consider it to be a vital part of each and everyone’s diet. While generally red and the green ones are the two forms of apples, the difference between them is: the red ones are only sweet, unlike the green which is both sour and sweet in taste. Contemplating how green apples are good for your health? Well, for a long they have been recognized as one of the healthiest fruits because of the abundance of essential nutrients such as proteins, minerals, vitamins, and fibers. As a result, people in the contemporary era have started realizing its myriad profits, but the matter of truth is that they were always present. Further, we shall be uncovering the inside scoop on how apples are beneficial for your health, hair, and skin-for example. Read along to discover them!

Health Benefits of Green Apples

  • Exorbitant Fiber Content

With the capacity to possess an exorbitant amount of fiber, apples are vouched for increasing metabolism and cleansing the inside system. Plus, having them further abets in a free bowel movement. They say the best way to eat an apple is with its skin on that regulates your intestine keeping you happy and healthier all the time.

  • High on Minerals

Iron, zinc, copper, manganese, potassium, etc, are some of the trace minerals that are embraced in apples. Iron-for instance succors to enhance the volume of blood oxygen assisting to augment the metabolic rate! Similarly, the other minerals have their own worth and play a paramount role in the body.

  • Good for Lungs

Per some learning, it has been observed that persistent use of apples lowers the onset of asthma by a good 23%. How wonderful! Moreover, those who smoke can rely on the fresh delight of this green juice to get themselves protected from obstructive pulmonary diseases.

  • Impedes Skin Cancer

Taking apple once a day can actually act to be a star component in averting cancer cells. Owning plentiful of vitamin C, the fruit functions to avert the damage on the skin cells engendered by free radicals! In other words apples for skin act in an alike way just like “rust-proofing your car.”

  • A Natural Detoxifier

Loaded with an ample proportion of fiber, this green juice typically safeguards your liver, kidney, and digestive system from toxins and other harmful elements. Additionally, the existence of fibers ensures that problems such as constipation do not bother you in your daily run. What’s more, some even say that this roughage cuts down the apprehension of developing colon cancer. And the list goes on and on!

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Skin Benefits of Green Apples

  • A snack for smoother skin

Be it in your salads or use its indispensable nutrients for the skin, apples for sure will make you glow. As already discussed above, being copious with vitamin C that abets to speed up the skin’s cell production giving that all desired radiant and dazzling looks.

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  • It’s Anti-Oxidant Properties

Encompassed with antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and phenols, these contribute majorly in retarding premature aging. The effect of free radicals on the body can be detrimental, paving the way for fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. Experts opine that those who have maintained to continuously guzzle this green juice haven’t ever been tormented by the influence of these foreign substances.

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  • Prevents Skin Diseases

Green apple juice aids to surge the hydration levels of your complexion thereby lending a decisive hand in properly moisturizing it. Remember, when there is a scarcity of nourishment on the skin, it opens the door for several disorders such as eczema and even cancer. Cut short, make apples as a necessary part of your diet.

  • Suppress pimple eruptions

Exasperated by acne that’s taking a toll on your beauty? Don’t worry when you have the power of apples that comes to the rescue of your frustration. Cut a slice of it, place it on your face, and see the difference for yourself. This doesn’t imply that you halt eating this magical fruit. Devouring it habitually will, of course, control and suppress those pimple eruptions.

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  • Obliterate Dark Eye Circles

On a day you get up flabbergasted to see those sudden dark eye circles which you aren’t aware of what lead them. Think again, lately have you been sleep deprived or fatigued? These reasons are the most prominent ones that come to the mind when seeing those puffy eye bags. Consequently, it indicates that you must make a change in your current lifestyles, such as improvements in sleep habits and diets. Over and above this, regular consumption of apples can have a positive impact to obliterate dark eye circles.

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Hair Benefits of Green Apples

The innumerable benefits of green apples aren’t only restricted to your skin, these have shown to equally profitable for your tresses. Find them out!

  • Remedy for Dandruff

Is the condition of dandruff a matter of concern for you wherein the flakes of skin are evident on the scalp? We understand how embarrassing the situation can be when those white dry fragments brush off your collar or shoulders. But our maestros recommend you to be as unflappable as you can in spite of the fact that you’re struggling with this scalp situation. They believe that a paste created out of the skin of the apple can actually work wonders on dandruff. The green juice is equivalently effective when massaged routinely on the scalp.

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  • Stimulate Hair Growth

Do you desire to have long and lustrous locks to uplift your appearance? Well, the phenomenal fruit by the name apple has the ability to fulfill it that promotes hair growth. This merit can be attributed to the presence of nutrient biotin which ushers in the proliferation of development in curls and nails. Even various researches in the past support the fact that Biotin stimulates the strands to thrive by infusing strength and thickness in them. Thankfully, imbibing apple is one of the best natural ways of getting this requisite nutrient.

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Is the topical use of fresh apple juice fruitful?

Be it the internal consumption or the topical application, apple juice is simply amazing that can work wonders for different components of your body. Today, an eclectic number of face creams, shampoos, natural hair conditioners are up for grabs in the market that have green apple incorporated in the shape of its extracts. And, if you’re someone scouting for such products, look no further as we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our hair care & wellness products that are amalgamated with green apple extracts!

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Apple Cider Vinegar & Organic Argan Hair Shampoo

Exfoliate your dry and itchy scalp with Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo– formulated with apple cider vinegar which has alpha-hydroxy acid that abet in restoring scalp pH balance and impede inflammation that turns out in prevent flaking. Plus, it’s also infused with potent substances from Mother’s Nature Lap such as organic Moroccan Argan oil and Green Apple Extract for example. And, this wonder duo delivers intense hydration to tresses as well as protecting them from free radicals damage and the outcome is shiny, strong, and lustrous heavenly locks. It is also enriched with hair loving oils ““ Sweet Almond “˜Deeply nourishes follicles’, Jojoba Oil “˜succor growth’, Extra Virgin Olive Oil “˜Extra soft and strong length’, and Rosemary essential “˜soothe irritation on the dry scalp’. It’s notable to know that it’s great on all hair types, be it curly, straight, or frizzy. On top of that, it’s also fully vegan and cruelty-free with no parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, and harsh chemicals in it. This excellent chemical free shampoo gently removes the buildup, dirt, and toxin congestion from the scalp leaving you with bouncy, glossy locks. As per reviews – one user claims that they have tried everything to stop itchiness, breakage, and dryness but this only natural hair care product has reduced breakage as well as enhances shine and bounce on the hair shaft while being gentle on the scalp. And, this natural shampoo works exceptionally well when coupled with the St.Botanica Argan Oil Conditioner of the same line. To know more about the product read the space. Get the silkier and shiniest locks with St.Botanica Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo Conditioner Combo. The conditioner is formulated with Moroccan Argan oil which replenishes the lost hydration into the hair shaft along with creating a protective layer to safeguard tresses from environmental aggressors. Plus, it also contains antioxidants like vitamin E and omega 6 fatty acids ““ they deeply nourish each strand and infuse nutrients in the scalp to avert frizziness, breakage, and damage. So, feel the shine, bounce, and softness after a single use. Add this must-have hair care combo into your hair grooming cabinet now!


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