Beauty Hacks For Glowing & Healthy Skin

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We all wish to have naturally rosy and shining skin. But alas! Not all of us are blessed with flawless and spotless skin.

Without a healthy skin care routine, you risk dry, dull skin, or even worse consequences such as premature ageing, wrinkles, dullness, acne, loss in skin elasticity, and what not. So, if you want to look your age or younger and keep your skin looking and feeling youthful and radiant, there are many things you can do for your skin care routine, your diet, and even your sleeping habits.

Between stress, sweat, and sunscreen, in fact, there is every chance that your face is facing more trouble than is typical. When it comes to how to get clear skin, the mélange is often less precise than you might think. With literally hundreds of innovative products reaching the beauty store shelves each week, it is difficult to choose the right product with the "must-have" ingredients.

Let Us Explore Some Of The Most Trusted Skin Care & Beauty Hacks

With a lifestyle we lead these days, it is almost impossible to stick to a proper skin care routine. But having the best of the products that suit your skin type and following some super effective beauty hacks will help you achieve your goals with minimal efforts.

Know Your Skin:

The most important factor that plays a role in getting that much wanted glowing skin, is to know your skin type. Understanding and getting to know your skin type is the most vital thing you can do for your skin. In cases where you are unaware or misinformed, you could compromise your skin's natural balance and trigger irritation, inflammation, breakouts, and even premature ageing by using the wrong products. For a better understanding, the most common skin types are oily, acne-prone, dry, combination, sensitive, and mature skin. It is also imperative to note that you can have more than one skin type and it can change over time or through the seasons. So always listen to your skin for the care and products that it demands.

Cleanse Your Face Twice A Day:

If your skin is prone to breakouts or you have oily skin, do not skimp on washing your face as part of your morning and evening skin care routine. A research on face cleansing was conducted where the participants were asked to wash their faces one, two, or four times a day for a period of six weeks. The results showed that there was a significant improvement in the acne lesions and signs of diminishing blemishes of those who washed their face twice a day. The participants who only washed their face once a day had the greatest increase in pimples or acne.

Skin care experts suggest using a mild cleanser specifically designed for your skin type, particularly for acne-prone skin. It seems counterintuitive, but any cleanser that strips the skin of its natural oils can kick up oil production, which often results in more breakouts and other skin related problems. In other words, it is the boomerang effect right there on your chin.

For a clean and hydrating skin care routine, try Oriental Botanics' Australian Tea Tree Face Wash. It is a gentle and soothing face wash that calms the irritated and inflamed skin. It brightens the complexion and adds suppleness to the skin. With pure Australian tea tree oil, this face wash is created for everyday skin freshness and is highly effective in removing the deep-seated dirt and product residues and enhances the clarity of the skin.

Layer Your Skin Correctly:

Make sure that you know the right order to layer your skin. Having a lack of knowledge on the way in which you should apply your skincare products will prevent them from being fully absorbed as a result of which they won't be as effective. The universal rule is to apply the most lightweight formulas first so they can be easily absorbed without the barrier of heavier creams. You should avoid piling to prevent those tiny little bumps you get when you have used too much product on your skin. When you move onto thicker creams during the process, it is beneficial to give your skin time to absorb the product, at least a few minutes.

Morning Skin Care Routine:

The correct order to follow includes: Cleanser "“ Toner "“ Serum "“ Eye Cream "“ Face Cream "“ Sunscreen

Evening Skin Care Routine:

The most effective routine to follow is: Double Cleanse "“ Toner "“ Serum "“ Eye Cream "“ Face Cream "“ Face Oil

Exfoliate Regularly:

We cannot stress out enough but say Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate!

Exfoliation can help remove excess dead skin cells dust, dirt, and impurities and smoothens your skin so that it shines and looks polished. In case you are too lazy to follow this most essential skin care step, know that if these cells stay on your skin for too long, they can clog your pores and lead to breakouts.

Having a stockpile of dead cells on your face can make your skin look dull, flaky, or prematurely aged. Different exfoliation methods may help clear away dry and dead skin. To contemplate how often should you exfoliate, it really depends on the type of exfoliation you use. According to professionals, for chemical exfoliants, like masks or lotions, do the process once or twice a week. For using physical exfoliants, like scrubs or brushes, aim for three or four times a week.

Always start with fewer exfoliating sessions and increase gradually as per requirements to prevent over-exfoliating. If you have inflammatory acne-prone skin, talk to your dermatologist first, as some types of exfoliation may make inflammatory acne worse.

What can be better than the Oriental Botanics' Australian Tea Tree Face Scrub? This face scrub is made of botanical extracts that permeate the skin and nourish the skin cells. It consists of mild abrasive agents and gentle exfoliants that are useful in exposing the younger layer of skin hidden behind the dead skin cells and helps to eliminate skin dullness. It helps in loosening the blackheads and whiteheads and unclogging the pores. There is visible difference in fading of the dark spots and its skin-lightening effect assists in reducing the appearance of the hyperpigmented spots.

Avoid Applying Too Much Product:

"˜More is good' may not be an upright rule when it comes to skin care. So if you apply too much moisturizer, the product could potentially block your pores and make the condition of your skin worse. Moreover, it will be a total waste of products and your money considering that your skin will not be able to absorb it all anyway. Make sure you follow the sizing guide as advised by famous beauty experts.

Sunscreen Is Everything:

The idea that sun exposure can burn away breakouts and acne is a long debunked myth. Dermatologists have always quoted the fact that, "sun, heat and humidity can cause oil glands to become overactive, which can lead to acne breakouts". To prevent breakouts and other skin problems, choose an oil-free, non-comedogenic sunscreen, and apply it liberally.

It is always recommended to use sunscreens with botanical ingredients that is gentle yet effective on the skin. Try Oriental Botanics' Aloe Vera, Green Tea & Cucumber Sunscreen SPF 50. This is a broad-spectrum sunscreen that provides superior protection from UV rays and advanced skincare. It protects against sunburn, tanning, and photoaging, and keeps the skin hydrated, soft and bright.

Masks Are Must:

Apart from the association of a face mask with the occasional pamper night with your favorite girls, masks are actually super important and should be incorporated into your daily skin care routine. Facial skin experts recommend doing a 10-15 minutes mask routine every morning to hydrate and soothe the skin. Using face masks can help to address a whole array of skin concerns from oily and acne-prone skin to dry or sensitive skin. People are just required to find the right mask for their skin type. In case you are too lazy to try out masks every day, do it once a week to hydrate and nourish your skin as often as possible.

A soothing face mask that will be helpful in hydrating and replenishing your skin is the Oriental Botanics' Australian Tea Tree Peel Off Mask. This face mask helps to increase the clarity and radiance of your facial skin. Pulling off the face mask draws out the gunk and dislodges the blackheads and whiteheads and leaves the skin in its purified and balanced state. It absorbs the excess sebum and reduces the greasy feeling of the oily skin. The bioactive constituents of the mask provide superior external nourishment to the skin and support regeneration of the skin cells.

When it comes to clear, glowing, and healthy skin, pay attention to what and how much you put on your face. Apart from a good skin care routine, focusing on certain lifestyle factors, like quality sleep, a healthy diet, and stress management can make a difference to your skin, too.

For maintaining a naturally glowing and healthy skin, browse through our botanical products to find the most suitable one for yourself. Check out here to explore.