How Conditioners are Imperative for Optimal Hair Health, According To Hair Stylists!

"Good Hair Speaks Louder Than Words" It is said that hair does not make the woman but definitely when they look nice and appealing, can lure anyone. Tresses apart from enhancing your beauty also work as the first line of defense against the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. Scalp hair is also the only part of our body that can be freely reformed to alter and accentuate anyone's appearance. Hence, it also acts as a significant means of letting individuals socially connect. When this crown on our head is so important, as it not only outshines our personality but also protects our skull by cushioning it, what are we doing to keep it in its elite state? Shampoo, that's it? There is hardly any doubt, shampooing is a tremendous solution to keep your curls healthy, strong, beautiful, and bouncy. This activity also controls frizzy, unmanageable hair by providing nourishment for promoting their health. To put it simply, it safeguards them from daily wear and tears along with acting as a wonderful softener. Thus, it is needless to say: there are ample reasons why we should be shampooing persistently. But did you know that just only implementing this technique is just not going to be enough to keep your mane beautiful for the long run? You must now be contemplating, how can we overcome this dilemma? So, the short answer to this question is by plying a "CONDITIONER". For your information, hair conditioners came into existence ever since the 20th century and have made their significant mark. Before that, natural oils were used as an effective alternative to them. Back then, one of the popular ones utilized by men was Macassar oil. Its downside was realized leading to its replacement: too greasy to be applied on a regular basis. Henceforth, the invention of modern conditioners was arisen resulting in the creation of a hair product that was more likely to be used by men for their hair including beards and mustaches. Their other gender females even rely heavily on this widely availed topical. It is imperative to mention here: Manufacturers are making strong efforts in upgrading the current content of these conditioners in order to make them even more hair friendly. People in this contemporary era are acquainted with the large perks this splendid hair product is able to bestow.
Do You Know How The Magical Tonic Works?
You put the shampoo on your hair, form lather, and rinse it out completely. Then the conditioner is executed and left behind for 3-5 minutes to let it do the magic.
But ever wondered how exactly it works?
The outermost coating of a hair follicle is known as a cuticle which is made up of keratin. When the lengths are washed with a shampoo, it affects the layer leaving the hair frizzy, rough, and unmanageable. A conditioner helps in maintaining the natural properties of your strands by adding much needed moisture to them. This topical can refortify the cuticle with a protective coating which can help the hair to keep growing and lessen breakage.
Here Are The Top Reasons To Condition Your Tresses:
1. Detangling your hair locks: Employing a good conditioner after shampoo has abundant benefits. Your hair becomes rough and frizzy due to which they tend to get entangled and results in the occurrence of flyaways. Hence, applying a conditioner aids in making your barnet smooth by adding moisture to it which in turn, acts as a softener and detangler, thus, resulting in a smooth looking mane. A conditioner also adds a silky texture to our locks. 2. Moisturizes Dry Hair: Another vital advantage of using it is that it helps in eradicating dryness and brittleness. Moistness on your hair can also aid you in avoiding many other problems like breakage and split ends-for example. 3. Diminishes Towel Damage: Many people have a notorious habit of drying their hair with a towel after taking shower. However, most of them complain of losing their lengths, post wielding this cloth to take out aqua. Use of a conditioner after shampoo can undoubtedly reduce this damage by making our hair softer and healthier. 4. Helps in increasing elasticity: Using this tonic regularly in your regime helps in enhancing elasticity as, without a conditioner, our hair tends to get parched and fragile engendering the breakage of shafts. Consequently, maneuvering this dampness agent becomes all that pivotal and cannot be simply ditched. 5. Protects hair cuticles from damage: Hairstyling tools like iron rods, straighteners-for instance have gained widespread popularity over the years, typically because of their capabilities to furnish a plethora of rewards. These devices help in making strands look sleek, straight, glossy, manageable, and stylish. But every coin has two sides, likewise, these gadgets also have disadvantages as by their regular use, your hair follicles get damaged resulting in loss of their natural shape which in turn leads to split ends, breakage, and hair loss. Hence, instead of using them on a daily basis, the method of conditioning shall be favored. 6. Improves hair texture and adds shine: Conditioners are usually enriched with proteins, oils, and water that aid in adding shine as well as luster to our hair. It also gives a spick and span look to our locks.
Selecting a good conditioner that suits your hair texture can be befuddling. A wide range of these products is offered by numerous brands. These conditioners are categorized into the following types:
1. Rinse-out/ rinse-through conditioners: Possessing creamy characteristics, such conditioners are utilized generally followed by a shampoo. Once you are done with shampoo, a small quantity of this form is applied to the curls and spread from roots to ends, leaving it there for a few minutes, and then it is washed off. These conditioners work on the external layer of the hair cuticles, giving it that silky texture and making it easier to comb. Rinse out conditioners are a terrific product that succors in guarding the tuft of your hair against any possible damage and it works well on every hair type (oil, normal or dry). 2. Leave-in conditioners: This category is thinner so that they can remain in the hair after shampooing and conditioning the hair. They add only a little material to the lengths to avoid weighing them down. Such conditioners are consummate for untangling and can also be availed as a styling product. Plus, these conditioners are renowned to be a fit for all hair types be it thick, thin, curly, wavy, oily, dry, or normal. 3. Repair conditioners: These conditioners are heavy and thick which contain the high value of cationic surfactants which generally assist in maintaining the hair structure. As the name suggests, such a variety is specifically designed to deal with witheredness and to heal any damage to your hair shafts by reinstating the protein and moisture. Also, as already discussed above, these conditioners are creamier and thicker; hence these need to be left on the hair for a longer period of time say for 30- 60 minutes. In between, you can also steam them after applying these repair conditioners before rinsing. Such conditioners are copious with protein that can aid to toughen/rejuvenate weak and brittle locks. Additionally, these are even recommended for colored lengths.
To summarize
In a nutshell, we can say that for maintaining the beauty and shine of your tresses, you certainly need to add a conditioner to your hair care routine. No matter how nourished they seem to be, this topical is an essential part of your schedule.
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