Importance Of Using Hair Conditioner To Get Long & Silky Hair

Frizzy, unmanageable hair that lacks shine is not surprising among Indian women. However, a lot of women don't comprehend that this is an issue with a fix. With the right hair care routine in place, your hair, too, can make heads turn. However, the star of the show here is the conditioner. It is one hair care product that everyone must swear by. You would be surprised to know that missing a seemingly small step during a hair care routine, like conditioning your hair can make all the difference to your hair's health. Using a conditioner and applying it correctly can make your hair full of health, add shine, and make it feel soft and smooth. By conditioning your hair you are ensuring that it behaves just like you want it to, every time you style it and that too in a healthy way.
What Is A Hair Conditioner?
A conditioner is the backbone of everyone's hair care routine. To put it simply, conditioner is a conditioning or moisturizing agent generally made up of ingredients such as oils, and emollients, cationic surfactants as well as essential botanical ingredients. When combined, these ingredients replenish hair's moisture after some of it is stripped from shampooing. There are various types of conditioners available to target different hair care needs. Of all of them, the most common ones are your traditional post-shampoo hydrators; deep conditioner, which is almost like a hair mask in that it is meant to be left on longer in order to penetrate the strands more deeply; cleansing conditioner also known as co-wash, which acts as a shampoo and conditioner hybrid that simultaneously cleanses and conditions the hair; and leave-in conditioner, a post-shower product, the no-rinse treatment that nourishes and protects the hair throughout the day. Hair conditioners are designed to make your hair shinier, smoother, and softer, without making your hair look greasy.
Significance Of Using Hair Conditioners:
The significance of both stress and genetics is equal when it comes to hair, but regular conditioner use had always seemed fundamental as well. Conditioner is important when it comes to optimal hair health.
  • Helps Detangle Your Hair:
Regularly using a hair conditioner after shampoo can help in a lot of ways. Combing wet hair after applying conditioner will lead to lesser damage and also there is less tugging at knots. It implies that the comb can glide through the fibers more easily (less friction) thereby reducing mechanical damage to the hair. Thus, it helps in detangling your hair easily.
  • Smoothens Your Hair:
Conditioning your hair from root to tips can help in improving your hair quality. It largely promotes smoothening of hair as well. Using them also adds a silky texture to your hair. Conditioning ingredients deposit on hair such that they create a type of film on cuticles. By depositing more on the more damaged areas, they even up the surface of the hair, creating an overall glossier looking appearance. They are very much responsible to impart a silky feel and look.
  • Adds Shine & Luster:
As conditioners are loaded with proteins, oils, and water, using them regularly will add sheen as well as luster to your hair. It also gives a neat look to your hair. Conditioners often deposit ingredients such as essential oils that can improve the overall look of the hair by adding shine. But above all, the enhanced shine and luster comes from the improved alignment of the hair fibers to each other, and the smoother surface of the hair, which is all the result of using hair conditioners.
  • Moisturizes Dull & Dry Hair:
Another important benefit of using a conditioner is that it helps in eliminating dryness and brittleness from your hair. Moisture that you get from applying conditioner on your hair can also help you avoid many other hair problems like breakage and split ends. As the conditioning ingredients coat the hair, they also help to reduce the porosity of the hair. In doing so, they are effectively sealing in moisture in the hair fibers. In some cases, ingredients such as humectants are added to attract moisture to the hair. For those suffering from dry hair, adding conditioners containing essential botanical ingredients to their hair care routine will be quite beneficial.
  • Reduces Damage From The Towel:
People often complain of losing hair while drying their hair after taking a shower. You will be surprised to know that using conditioners can definitely lessen your worry as when you condition your hair you protect them from the vulnerable damage of towels and other hair drying tools.
  • Eliminate Static Electricity:
Conditioners keep the hair smooth and hydrated as mentioned above. In so doing, they allow the charges on the hair to "˜flow' and reduce static (localized) charges. Static charges cause the hair fibers to repel each other creating flyaways. This makes it a compulsion to use hair conditioners in your routine.
  • Promotes Elasticity & Softness:
Using a conditioner with essential natural ingredients can help in improving your hair elasticity as, without conditioner, the hair tends to be dry and brittle, thus leading to their breakage. Thus, regular use of conditioner can keep your hair hydrated. Also, conditioners are rich in emollients whose purpose is to add softness to hair. They can make the hair more malleable and manageable creating the feeling of softness.
  • Protecting Hair Cuticles From Damage:
Conditioning your hair regularly protects your hair from pollution and damage. Conditioning ingredients can somewhat act as a temporary shield towards mechanical damage, and even against weathering. It also saves your hair from the side effects of hair styling products such as straighteners or dryers. It builds a protective layer around your hair and keeps your hair shiny and smooth. The extra layer can to some extent diminish the effects of environmental aggressors. The added smoothness can prevent mechanical damage when the hair fibers fly past each other in the wind. Or, they can slow down weathering effects such as sun damage at the ends. For hair that has already suffered chemical damage, conditioners can certainly help maintain the current hair health and prevent further damage. We recommend you to try Oriental Botanics' Pomegranate Vinegar Hair Conditioner. This hair conditioner, packed with the goodness of pomegranate and multiple natural oils and plant extracts has the most beneficial effect on the hair. It deeply moisturizes the hair without weighing it down. It restores the normal oil balance of the hair, locks moisture in the hair shafts and adds luster to the dull and lifeless hair. The hydration boosting effect of the conditioner minimizes tangles and helps to strengthen the brittle hair and also has a volumizing effect on the locks. The bioactive constituents of the conditioner are known for their antioxidant properties that help in protecting the hair from the harmful effect of overexposure to pollution and sunlight. This is an ideal conditioner for damaged hair.
  • Carrier Of Essential Ingredients:
Nowadays conditioners do not only consist of cationic polymers but several ingredients such as natural oils, botanical elements, anti-frizz agents, etc. are added to the product. These penetrate or adsorb to the hair and add extra benefits. Red Onion Hair Conditioner from Oriental Botanics is enriched with many essential ingredients. This hair conditioner is crafted with 25 bioactive ingredients for superior post-shampoo hair care. The creamy conditioner quickly spreads on the hair and coats each strand of hair, thereby restoring the hair strands' moisture mantle to easily detangle the hair, smooth the frizzes, and tame the flyaway hairs. By deeply conditioning the hair, it helps to minimize environmental damage to the tresses due to exposure to pollution and sunlight. The conditioner's bioactive constituents permeate the hair shafts and follicles and help repair the hair damaged by the application of heat and chemicals of hairstyling products. It strengthens the brittle hair, boosts the hair health and leaves the locks satiny smooth and lustrous. The nourishing hair conditioner is beneficial for all hair types and is safe for frequent use.
Important Tips:
  • Certain ingredients in conditioner such as silicones and parabens can damage your hair, so using ones with natural ingredients can always be beneficial.
  • People having colored hair should take a note that they must use a different conditioner, which might suit their hair type.
  • You can also condition your hair without using shampoo first in order to protect your hair strands from damage.
  • Washing hair only with conditioner is a highly recommend tip for people with textured hair because such hair require the maximum amount of moisture.
Conditioners are designed to make a big impact in a small amount of time. Different types of conditioners are available to fit individual needs and lifestyle. You just need to choose the right one for yourself. Browse through our hair care range to find conditioners enriched with important hair care ingredients that will help in making your hair look silky, long, and lustrous. For more details, Click Here: Also, Don't Forget to check out our Best Sellers