Love the winter feels and the cold comfort weather? But it is no hidden fact that winter weather can wreak havoc on the skin, making it feel dry, itchy, and flaky. Dry air and bitterly cold temperatures can deplete the skin of its natural moisture content. All it takes is the right skin care routine and some fantastic products to pamper your skin and keep your face & body hydrated, smooth, soft, & supple. The following are some tips & tricks to keep your skin as awesome as you this winter season!
Avoid Super hot showers!
There is nothing better and more relaxing than a steaming hot water bath or shower when the weather goes chilly. But hot water is a no-no for dry skin as it strips the skin of its moisture. Hence, you need no more than a ten minutes bath to get all relaxed and freshened up. It is essential to use mild body cleansers and soaps that do not strip the skin of its oil. St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Oil Ultra Nourishing Body Wash is a gentle and deep cleansing body wash that makes the skin feel squeaky clean, moisturized, soft, and smooth. It helps retain the natural body oil and prevents the skin from drying. The rich moisturizing lather dissolves all traces of dirt and grease, and the plant extracts enhance the skin texture and tone.
Prep-up Your Skin With Exfoliation!
It is very important to keep your skin exfolliated in moderation to buff it up and make it winter-ready. A gentle exfoliator must be used for the same, so it does not scrape the skin or cause more dryness. St.Botanica Arabica Coffee Face Scrub is one such product that gently exfoliates your skin and deeply nourishes it to retain the moisture content without drying the skin. Infused with Crushed Arabica Coffee Beans that work as exfoliants to remove impurities, the dead skin layer, blackheads, & whiteheads, St.Botanica Arabica Coffee Face Scrub is your skin savior in this chilly season. If your skin is super dry and flaky, you can skip the scrub and use a mild yet deep exfoliating face wash instead. St.Botanica Vitamin C Gentle Foaming Brightening Face Wash with Brush helps brighten your skin and also provides deep skin hydration to keep it moist all day long. It comes with a built-in brush whose silicone bristles help massage and exfoliate the facial skin and scrape off the dead skin cell layer.
Be mild with cleansing!
Cleansing is an essential part of skin care ritual. However, during the winters, one must limit cleansing to one time at night to avoid overdrying the skin. It is also vital to choose a cleanser that is mild and provides moisturization to the skin. St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Oil Creamy Face Wash is enriched with Argan Oil from Morocco that hydrates the skin and removes dryness. To add to that skin moisturization, apply a layer of the St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Oil Day Cream and make your skin smooth & supple.
Give your skin the Antioxidant boost!
Serums are a year-long elixir for the skin, and the winter season is no exception to it. As long as the Serum is free from harmful chemicals, it is a must for the winter skin care ritual. So grab on to a Vitamin C rich Serum to provide your skin with an antioxidant boost. St.Botanica Vitamin C Professional Facial Serum is infused with the most stable form of Vitamin C, i.e., 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbyl Acid, that nourishes your skin, brightens it, and helps improve the texture by boosting collagen production.
Slather on that Body Lotion!
Yoiu should not only focus on the face, but the body needs to be protected from the winter chills too. Thus you need to cleanse the body with a mild body cleanser, fiollowed by slathering a nourishing body lotion. St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Oil Ultra Nourishing Body Wash gently cleanses the skin and nourishes it with Moroccan Argan Oil. The Moroccan Argan Oil Ultra Nourishing Body Lotion further moisturizes the skin and makes it smooth, soft, and healthy.
Swear By that Night-Time Routine!
Once the skin care regime for the day is sorted, you need to focus on the night time routine. You must pay much attention to nighttime skincare and include deep moisturizing, thick, and dense night creams to maintain that moisture balance and keep dry skin at bay. St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Oil Anti Wrinkle Regenerating Night Cream is your fix for the night to nourish your skin with the deeply nourishing and moisturizing Moroccan Argan Oil and make it free from lines & wrinkles to reveal a smooth and healthy texture when you wake up.
Drink! Drink! Drink!
Skin cell regeneration is a result of proper hydration, making the skin glow. Drinking at least eight to ten cups of water per day can help attain proper hydration. So go gulp down on that glass of water and reveal a hydrated & radiant skin. Hope our guide helps you prep-up for the winters. So go and get all your favorite St.Botanica products to keep you looking as beautiful as ever! Because you are Beautiful! To Explore More Products in the Skin Care Range, Click Here: Also, Don't Forget to check out our Best Sellers!